Financial subsidies

International conferences; organizational subsidies

International conferences; organizational subsidies

*Maximum of 2 million yen
*The international conference, organizational subsidy cannot be used in combination with the accommodation subsidy.
*The purpose of the meeting must be non-profit in nature.

Accommodation subsidies

Accommodation subsidies

*Maximum of 2 million yen
*The accommodation subsidy cannot be used in combination with the international conference, organizational subsidy.

Attraction subsidies

Attraction subsidies

*Maximum of 100,000 yen
*The attraction subsidy system is limited to those who have applied for and used the accommodation subsidy or international conference subsidy.

Preliminary on-site inspection subsidies

Preliminary on-site inspection subsidies

*Maximum 100,000 yen for 2 people (50,000 yen per person)
*A maximum of 100,000 yen will be subsidized if a visit is made to the venue before making a final decision.

COVID-19 countermeasure subsidies

COVID-19 countermeasure subsidies

*Maximum of 200,000 yen
In order to hold safe and secure meetings, the cost of rental items used for the purpose of preventing the spread of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) can be subsidized.

In addition to financial support, we provide comprehensive support to organizers from concept to fruition.

Before the decision
Preparation period
Just before the event

1. Before the decision

When selecting a venue

We offer support to attract international conferences.
We can introduce information on Hamamatsu that utilizes the merits of holding a conference in Japan.

Acceptance of holding inspection

We work closely with related organizations from the perspective of the organizer to provide flexible support.

Providing venue information

We can guide you to a variety of locations from ACT CITY Hamamatsu, to more rarified locales such as Hamanako Lakeside and shukubo (pilgrim’s lodgings in a temple).

Necessary support for decision-making

We provide support from information collection to requesting cooperation from related organizations.

Planning and preparation of quotation

We create the proposals and quotations necessary for each event.

2. Preparation period

Preparation after the event is decided

We prioritize reservations for various venues by
coordinating with the relevant facilities to make reservations at the convenience of the organizer.

Public relations support held in Hamamatsu

We support public relations by providing materials and data, and lending tools.

Introduction of excursions

We introduce city attractions, historic sites, factory tours, and arrange buses.

Introduction of outsourcing specialists

We introduce venue management professionals that can make partial requests in consideration of the organizer's overall meeting schedule and budget.

Requests for cooperation from each institution

We coordinate with the relevant parties so that events are held in a smooth fashion.

3. Just before the event

We provide a pamphlet to all participants that introduces the charms of Hamamatsu.

Welcoming guests

We post welcome information on the premises of JR Hamamatsu Station, and posters at various locations around the city.

Provision of information and sales corners

We dispatch tourism/interpreter volunteers and set up souvenir sales corners for Hamamatsu specialties.

Introduction of unique local areas

We propose seasonal information and service offerings specific to the unique traditional culture of Hamamatsu.

Help at the final stage

We respond promptly to any issues or queries you may have.